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The TASER® is a non-lethal weapon, popular with police agencies and security organizations.  Because it is not considered a firearm, the TASER® is legal to carry with you or in your car without permits in all states except:. DC, HI, MA, MI, NY, RI, & WI.  Check local laws.  A real TASER® shoots charged probes up to 15 feet away to disable your attacker..  You don't have to touch your attacker as you do with a stun-gun..  If you're looking for stunguns, click here.
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It's NEW!
TASER® Pulse +  
with integrated laser sight and LED Flashlight

Easy to conceal.     Weights only 8 ounces     Only 5.25 inches long.
NEW 39064 MODEL, New Features! - Old 39061 model has been discontinued and is no longer available.
TASER® Pulse + with integrated laser sight
2 - Live Cartridges
Replaceable Long-Life Lithium Battery
Conductive Practice Target
Emergency Dispatch option
with Noonlight® mobile integration
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee*
DON'T PAY  $449.00 each
Soft Holster

for the TASER Pulse

 $14.00 each
Nylon Holster
with Strap
for the TASER Pulse

 $19.00 each
Lithium Battery

for the TASER Pulse

 $24.00 each
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Replacement Cartridges
Reload your TASER C2™, Bolt™, or Pulse™ with replacement Cartridges.

2 pack
Lithium Power Magazine

Replacement Battery for the TASER C2/Bolt
5-10 year shelf life. Good for 50 shots.
 $39.95 each      
Leather Holster

for the
TASER C2™/Bolt™

 $29.95 each
Tactical Holster

for the TASER C2™/Bolt™

 $39.95 each
TASER® X26c  with integrated laser sight
Easy to conceal.     Weights only 7 ounces     Only 6 inches long.     Includes Holster
TASER® X26c with integrated laser sight
6 - Air Cartridges
Soft Holster
User Manual
Practice Target
Free one-on-one training with a certified officer
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee*
DON'T PAY  $999.00 each
SALE PRICE $839.00 each
The TASER® X26c uses a new and advanced Shaped Pulse? technology with Electro-Muscular Disruption to take temporary muscle control from the nervous system safely without long-term injury.  Your attacker will drop like a rock

The X26c provides up to SIX TIMES the POWER duration of the POLICE model. Apply full voltage for up to 30 seconds to incapacitate your attacker.
*Leave the unit behind while you escape.  Send a copy of the police report documenting the incident to TASER International®, and they will replace your unit free of charge!   BUY it NOW and SAVE!
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2 pack of
Air Cartridges

Reload your TASER M-18, M-26, X-26 in less then a second with replacement Air Cartridges.
Price shown is for two cartridges.
Does not fit the C2, Bolt, or Pulse.
 $69.95 2 pack
Cartridge Clip
Attaches to the bottom of M26/M18 TASER and stores one extra cartridge a second away.

Digital Power Magazine

Replacement battery
Fits X-26 Tasers Only

XDPM Extended Digital Power Magazine

Replacement battery - Holds an Extra Cartridge and extends the grip
Fits X-26 Tasers Only
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Cordura Thigh Holster
For M26/M18. Used by law enforcement, security guards, and prison guards.

 $49.95 each      

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